Frequently Asked Questions

Question:  What are the pass policies for the soldiers in training?
Answer:  The pass policies vary depending upon which unit the soldier is assigned. Pass policies for the 3rd Chemical Bridge 1st Battalion 48th Infantry can be found at
Question: What is the zip code and area code for Fort Leonard Wood?
Answer:The zip code is 65473. The area code is 573.
Question:What are the airport codes for airports near Fort Leonard Wood?
  • TBN - Forney Airfield at Fort Leonard Wood
  • BKG - Branson, Missouri
  • SGF - Springfield, Missouri
  • STL - St. Louis, Missouri
Question:Is there Amtrak service to Fort Leonard Wood?
Answer: Amtrak does not provide service to Fort Leonard Wood. The closest Amtrak station is in St. Louis, Missouri.
Question:What to wear to a graduation ceremony?
Answer: Your soldier will be dressed in a Class "A" uniform which is the Army's formal uniform. You may wear want you want from casual to your Sunday's best.
Question:What are the requirements to enter Fort Leonard Wood?
  • Drivers license
  • Proof of Insurance
  • Vehicle Registration
  • Motorcycle Safety Foundation Card (if arriving by motorcycle)
Question:What time zone is Fort Leonard Wood located in?
Answer: Fort Leonard Wood is located in the Central time zone.

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